An initiative of Tejasvi Surya ( MP, Bangalore South )

Children of Bengaluru South fare poorly in the SSLC exams. Lack of understanding of basic concepts, substandard teaching coupled with exam pressure and lack of personal attention have all led to more than 15,000 students failing the Class 10 exams in Bengaluru South District every year. Children dropping out at Class 10 do not return to the system again.

Honourable MP of Bengaluru South, Sri Tejasvi Surya, wants to change this. He has adopted a multi-faceted approach to tackling the problem by guaranteeing access to quality education, incentives for good performance and personal mentoring by experts.

The NaMo scholarship programme, part of the Bengaluru South Education and Social Transformation (BEST) project, will grant 10,000 scholarships to 10,000 underprivileged children at the cost of a maximum of Rs 10,001 each, paid directly to the respective schools.

10000 Students

in Bangalore South

10001 INR

Scholarship Awards

5 Years

maximum period


NaMo Vidyanidhi scholarship is one of its kind scholarship program for students of Bengaluru South. The scholarships are granted to students with exemplary academic spirit, based on the examination results in each year.

A student may apply for and be awarded a scholarship of Rs 10,001 for a maximum period of 5 years each. It is renewable on a year-to-year basis from Class 8 to II Pre-University level.

The students willing to apply must undergo a meticulous selection procedure.

For 8th STD ( 60% in 7th STD )
For 9th STD ( 60% in 8th STD )
For 10th STD ( 60% in 9th STD )
For 1st PUC ( 85% in 10th STD )
For 2nd PUC ( 85% in 1st PUC )


Through meticulous selection criteria, we hand-pick underprivileged students from economically weak sections from across the constituency and assist them in completing their formal education. The student who fits the eligibility criteria will be selected as a beneficiary if he/she qualifies the given selection criteria.

Financial Need

Annual family income must be of less than Rs 4 lakh

Academic Performance

Candidate should fall under academic eligibility criteria

Geographic distribution

Voters of Bengaluru South Parliamentary Constituency


Who are pursuing 8th STD – II PUC & have minimum of 70% attendance

School fees ceiling

< or = to Rs. 45,000 per academic year


50% earmarked for girl students

Common Queries


The Scholarship program aims to provide scholarships of Rs 10,001 to 10,000 students in Bengaluru South backed by 10,000 donors for the education expenses of the child for one complete year.

The scholarship will be provided annually to eligible students. It is a five-year contribution conferred to the students to enable them to complete 10th Grade & II PU.

Students pursuing education between Class 8 & II Pre-University from economically weak sections, especially the children of workers from unorganized sectors fulfilling the primary and grade criteria are eligible to apply for these scholarships.

One can apply for a fresh or renewal of scholarship online portal / Whatsapp / application form to be with the guidance of the parents/guardian.

Bengaluru South Education & Social Transformation (BEST) is a unique citizen-driven educational initiative by Shri Tejasvi Surya, Member of Parliament, Bengaluru South. The initiative aims at helping SSLC students who are falling behind in their learning path, by making quality education accessible, incentivising good performers, & personal mentoring by experts.

To enhance the quality of education in Bengaluru South Constituency that caters to all-round development of students, optimize the current education system, revitalize the infrastructure of schools and provide external support mechanisms to ensure minimum standards of knowledge, personality, values, and social responsibility are met.

The students will be selected on the basis of their family’s total income, academic performance, and need-based consideration of their education expenses.

The scholarship amount will be used to support the student’s annual school fees and the sum will be directly transferred into the school’s account.

The following documents are required to be uploaded for fresh applications.

  1. Aadhaar Card of student *
  2. Voter Id of Parents / Guardian in Bengaluru South Constituency *
  3. Mark Sheet of School / College *
  4. School / College Fee Structure *
  5. School / College ID Card *
  6. BPL Card/Salary certificate/One-year bank statement of parent*   

A generous funding base is a key to the successful development and maintenance of an ongoing scholarship program. NaMo Vidyanidhi accomplishes this by establishing a scholarship fund through a social program where virtuous individual citizens contribute to the growth of a child.

One can become a donor by contributing any sum of money to Vidyanidhi Trust. Donors can also opt for a yearly subscriptions to contribute funds. Contributions made can be claimed as a deduction under Section 80G of the Income Tax Act.

Click here to donate

The entire process is transparent, the donors will be updated about the academic progress of the child  on a periodic basis.

Join the movement!


We believe young achievers can do more and excel in all the possibilities. Our vision is to instil a positive attitude towards learning in our students. With a goal to achieve a 100% pass rate, BEST is pushing the bar to create an innovative experience for students.

Join this movement driven by citizens to help children in need and to provide them with access to education leading to social transformation. Support a child and be a part of their educational growth.

Contributions made can be claimed as a deduction under Section 80G of the Income Tax Act.

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